Notes from Nicole on Little Brother Chicago and shooting on iPhone 4

The second installment of Little Brother is titled Little Brother:  The Street and was filmed in Chicago on the Southside.  Because I wanted to be discreet as we walked with the young men on the streets of Chicago, I planned to use a very small camera and ended up filming it on the iPhone4 with the Steadicam Smoothee.  That and a good soundperson got us up and running.

Below, see an outtake from the film:



This young man, Angele, was filmed very late in the day–as the sun was setting as a matter of fact.  Somehow, without any prompting from me, the camera opened up to full aperture and it looked more like we were there an hour earlier than we actually were.  I’m not sure if it was pure luck or not, but the iPhone4 came through in a big way.

I edited with FCP 6 and there was a LOT of compression work to be done, but if you’re purchasing the new FCP  X I understand it takes care of that as it does not come with a Compressor component. FCP X is available for $300. All of this is to say that filming smaller projects is getting more and more affordable.

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