Lessons of Love from a Little Brother Filmmaker

It’s Valentine’s Day again, and amid the romance and gift-giving, Little Brother filmmaker Nicole Franklin sat down to write about love, as expressed by the young men involved in our project.

“Being there for one another gives meaning to our lives, and striving for the meaning is, ‘the primary motivational force in man.'”

You can read Nicole’s full article here in her blog post for CultureID.

As love is at the forefront of our thoughts today, we’d like to make sure that black youth don’t get lost in the shuffle.

We invite you to participate in Valentine for Little Brother, a campaign that allows you to share a “valentine” with your community by donating the film at a deeply discounted rate throughout this month. For $25 you receive two DVD copies of Little Brother: Things Fall Apart – one for yourself as a home video, and one copy to donate.

The institution receiving the donation receives public performance screening rights without the educational fee, and supporters are able to flood schools and libraries with messages of love and support for black youth. Click here to participate.

We also encourage you to share your messages of love and encouragement for black boys here on this site, which we’ll continue to share with the young men we meet across the country. Feel free to leave a comment with your message below.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and we hope you’ll join us in giving love that counts.

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