8 Things to Know About Little Brother

If you’ve recently discovered Little Brother or are simply interested to learn more, here are a few quick facts about the project:

  • Regional Focus – Each year we make a new documentary film with new young men in a new city. As a result, the series becomes a look at our cultural landscape across the country, as well as a look at the young men who live there.
  • Short Films – Each film in the series runs about 15 minutes. The time frame allows the films to play in any setting – theaters, classrooms, events, or at home – and leaves room for a conversation around the issues explored.
  • Third Leg of the Journey – We’ve completed two films in what will become a 10-film series. Our first chapter was filmed in Camden, NJ, and the second in Chicago, IL. Our third film takes us to interview young men in the state of Florida.

  • Preadolescence – We speak with young black males aged 9-13, a critical age when society leans more towards viewing them as delinquents, and consequently their lives change emotionally as well as physically.
  • A Safe Space – We travel with a small crew and aim to create environments where the young men interviewed can speak freely about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • An Academic Tool – The series has become a tool for educators at the K-12 level to discuss working with young black males, and at the graduate level to discuss their psychology. We’ve screened with academic and policy organizations including Morgan State University’s Institute for Urban Research, The New School’s Eugene Lang College Ethnicity & Race Program, and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, to name a few.

  • A Community Tool – The series is also useful for youth, parents, and community leaders to discuss and work through issues surrounding young black males. Little Brother has been called “a conversation that can save a generation” because of its ability to start community dialogue.
  • Sparking Social ChangeLittle Brother strives to use honest and balanced media messages about young black men to challenge audiences’ biases against them, that the elimination of those biases might curb discrimination, educational inequity, racial profiling, and a host of other obstacles facing black boys.

We’re currently raising funds to produce our third film in the Little Brother series. Learn more about the project, and how to support it, HERE.

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