Chapter 3 Updates: Why Florida?

Our gratitude goes to all those who’ve supported the fundraising campaign for Little Brother: Chapter 3. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the project, give your dollars, and spread the word. Every bit helps.

Wanted to share a bit more about the location for our next film. After speaking with young black males in the Northeast and Midwest for our first two chapters, we decided to move further south to continue the conversation.

Tampa/St. Petersburg is an area we settled on shortly after finishing our second chapter. South St. Pete in particular, a predominately black community, has been a middle class area with several black-owned businesses and organizations for generations, but over the years has struggled with increased violence, economic troubles, and other challenges within the community.

In the shadow of Florida’s shaky political climate and unparalleled violence against young black males, we’ll speak to youth involved in the arts, and hear about how tools of self-expression help them deal with the pressures they face every day. As always, love will be at the center of the conversation as we discuss how they’re handling relationships with family, teachers, girls, and peers.

We’re excited to hear from a new group of young men for Little Brother: Chapter 3, and we can’t wait to share this film with you. Please continue to GIVE, LIKE, and SHARE the campaign so that we can make it happen.

9 days to go!!

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