An EPIPHANY Conversation: Why Women are Key to the Success of My Brother’s Keeper

LB Group Walk MasterOn Thursday, February 27, 2014 President Barack Obama took a bold new step by using his authority in this nation’s executive office to announce “a new initiative with leading foundations and businesses that will take a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to build ladders of opportunity and unlock the full potential of boys and young men of color.”  To the women who have dedicated their careers to closing the opportunity and education gap on Black male achievement and the men working in the field of gender violence prevention and Black male emotional enrichment, My Brother’s Keeper is more than a groundbreaking announcement.

Little Brother filmmakers Nicole Franklin and Jasmin Tiggett are joined by the activists, filmmakers and content creators who have dedicated years in the area of Black Male Achievement and are continuing to raise the bar for others joining the President’s call. This event is a Google Hangout and airs live on YouTube, available on replay immediately following.

Monday, 6:30pm, March 24, 2014


Michèle Stephenson – Producer and Co-Director, American Promise

Ouida Washington – Co-founder and Executive Producer for WK Media and Producer, Beyond the Bricks

Damon Hewitt, Senior Advisor – Open Society Foundations

Marie Roker-Jones – Founder, Raising Great Men™ and What Kind of Man Do You Want to Be™

Kompalya Thunderbird – Former Radio Host currently on assignment in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Vibe – Toronto-based Producer/Host The Dr. Vibe Show and Contributor to The Good Men Project

Jasmin Tiggett – Producer, Little Brother

Jacquie C. Williams – Founding Director, Filling in the Gaps in American History (FIGAH)

Amelia Maamogwa – Co-Host, An EPIPHANY Conversation

Nicole Franklin – Host, An EPIPHANY Conversation and Executive Producer, Little Brother

Looking forward to seeing you online at this exciting international conversation, broadcast live on YouTube.

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