Join us on social media with the hashtag #LoveItForward

#LoveItForward is the official hashtag where supporters can find and share news about Little Brothers on Facebook and Twitter.

Our social media campaign champions the development of Little Brothers worldwide and is supported in part by a grant from the Open Society Foundations’ Campaign for Black Male Achievement. Launched during the 2013 Valentine for Little Brother campaign, “Love It Forward” (hashtag: #LoveItForward) flooded the timelines of Twitter and Facebook.

 LoveItForward Boys w Hashtag

To date, the Little Brother filmmakers have interviewed young men in the cities of Camden, NJ, Chicago, IL, St. Petersburg, FL, Muskogee, OK and Tucson, AZ with direct questions about future plans as responsible loving partners and family men. Their unwavering responses have launched a movement. The boys have consistently expressed feelings of respect, courtesy and admiration for the people they encounter.   

And audiences have taken notice. The young men in all chapters of the film are described as “honest,” “heartbreaking” and “profound.”

The #LoveItForward campaign was conceived to accommodate the behavior of billions of online users in the habit of “forwarding” a popular item and “hashtagging” their way into a like-minded community.

#LoveItForward is a partnership with Little Brother and campaign founder, Canadian author Jeff Brown. His book and Love It Forward community project, with a large fan base on the Love It Forward Facebook community will officially launch this year. His team has already composed a blog on Little Brother, set for simultaneous release with his book project.

Those who use the social media hashtag #LoveItForward and reference #LittleBrotherFilm will connect millions to the film’s message that Black youth are capable of Love, and the time has come for a national education on how to remove the limits that have been placed on their humanity.

In November 2012, EPIPHANY Inc., and its non-profit arm, An EPIPHANY Conversation, fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, was pleased to receive a grant from the Open Society Foundations/Campaign for Black Male Achievement (OSF/CBMA) in support of “an interactive media project consisting of an educational outreach campaign and an online pledge program that interact with the ten short documentary films.” 

Little Brother is “a conversation that will change a generation.” Please share in our dialogue and #LoveItForward.