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Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land

(Chapter 5)


Title:                                      Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land

Director:                                Nicole Franklin

Year:                                        2014

Running time:                        17 minutes

Country of Production:          United States

Genre:                                       African American, Urban, Youth, Education, Boys, Juvenile Justice

Language:                                English

Production Company:            EPIPHANY Inc.

Shooting format,

aspect ratio, sound:               Filmed on Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, 720p. Sound, mono.

Screening format:                   DVD

Distributor:                              kweliTV and  Third World Newsreel


Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land  is Chapter 5 of the film series that features young Black boys and their thoughts on Love. This chapter was filmed in Tucson, AZ, where the young men have access to an often untold history of ancestral settlers who lived as pioneers and conquistadors.  Our young men discuss life in the Southwest and the current state of race relations.

Photography by Leslie J. Yerman. Special thanks to the Arizona Heritage Tours.

A conversation that will save a generation.

LITTLE BROTHER (Title TBD) is a series of 15-minute documentary films dedicated to giving Black boys a unique voice. Beginning in 2010, filmmakers Nicole Franklin and Jai Tiggett started taking an annual look at Black boys as young as nine years old for a one-on-one conversation demystifying what society tends to rob them of: LOVE.

Supported [in part] by a grant from the Open Society Foundations/Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

The films and curriculum are available for educational institutions, houses of worship, for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, as well as home video use. The film team is available for in-person appearances accompanying screenings. These Little Brother forums are titled An EPIPHANY Conversation and are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.  Join the discussion and visit our Facebook Fanpage at