Mapping Our Pledge to Little Brothers

Mapping Our Pledge to Little Brothers is supported in part by a grant from the Foundation to Promote Open Society/Campaign for Black Male Achievement, fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

Become a Little Brother Pledge Keeper

“I Pledge to __________  (e.g. spend quality time listening to, tutor, read to, pray for, ride bikes with, go fishing with, etc.) a Little Brother. I will commit to this Pledge along with individuals and organizations that support the education, health, and emotional well-being of Black boys in my community in order to make sure that young Black males feel safe, respected, empowered, and loved.”

The Little Brother team has partnered with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s senior research analyst Dr. Ivory Toldson to map a pledge to empower and sustain Black Male Achievement.

Dr. Toldson has done incredible research enlightening and celebrating the success of school-aged Black males. The films of Little Brother highlight young Black males and their thoughts on Love, and take a bold look at the emotional impact environmental influences have on the psyche of preteen youth.

We know that you support healthy environments for learning and the success of our young Black males. Now, we are launching a visual representation by mapping communities actively fostering the healthy development of African American males.

At the 42nd Annual Legislative Conference in Washington DC, we launched Mapping Our Pledge to Little Brothers during the Health Education and Literacy Policy session. This is an interactive online initiative that combines Dr. Toldson’s efforts and the themes of EPIPHANY Inc.’s Little Brother film series to illustrate through a digital map how revolutionizing current societal views on Black males is inevitable and welcomed.

We are asking that you participate as a Little Brother Pledge Keeper by including your Pledge on the interactive map, where visitors to our website will be able to visualize a global dialogue to encourage and support the positive aspects of our Black male youth in the United States.

This is a movement that we hope you will join. There is no cost for your involvement, yet by including your Pledge to our Little Brothers on a digital map, this simple gesture will garner a wealth of results.

To become a Little Brother Pledge Keeper, simply take the Pledge above and fill out the contact form to be added to the digital map.

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Feel free to contact us here with any questions.  To purchase your institutional copies of Little Brother, Chapters 1 – 3 visit Third World Newsreel, Chapter 4 will be available in 2014.

Thank you for becoming a Little Brother Pledge Keeper. Please share this information with those you wish to share in this movement.

The Little Brother Film Team
The Office of Dr. Ivory Toldson